Aviation Fuel

As a leading supplier of bulk aviation fuels in the Gulf South, Macro Companies has been supplying customers with top quality Jet-A fuel and Avgas since 1972.

We have earned a reputation for providing competitive pricing, on-time delivery, exceptional quality control, and continuous supply – even during times of fuel supply shortages. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals stands ready to respond to your aviation fuel needs at a moment’s notice.

Macro owns and operates a large fleet of dedicated aviation transport and bobtail fuel trucks that we use to deliver fuel to our customer's bulk tanks. With trucks strategically stationed throughout the Gulf region, we can haul full transport loads as well as less than transport loads (LTL) as needed. Our bobtail trucks are also capable of refueling small portable tanks and tote tanks in the field.

We can transport customer-owned fuel as needed – and also have the capabilities to respond to emergency fueling situations (including the delivery of aviation fuel, gasoline, and diesel) throughout the continental United States through our Emergency Fuel Management division.

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As a leading Gulf supplier of bulk aviation fuels, Macro Companies delivers Jet-A fuel and Avgas and fulfills emergency gasoline and diesel needs.
Our Services


Respond to man-made or natural disasters anywhere in the United States or abroad - providing the fuel that is vital for relief effors



Providing vacuum truck and end dump truck services to the oilfield, spill/disaster response, refineries and industrial plants.



Specializing in vacuum truck, end dump truck and roll-off truck services for liquid and solid waste from the job site to disposal facility.



Leading supplier of bulk aviation fuels in the Gulf South, supplying customers with top quality Jet-A fuel and Avgas since 1972



Capable of hauling petrochemicals, equipment and materials anywhere in the United States



Servicing and installation of fuel dispensing equipment keeps fuel operators and their equipment in full working order.